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We give financial support through government programs (FHA/HUD/VA).

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Downpayment Assistance - BuyLikeRent Florida

We give you money via our “Commission Rebate Program” (CRP).


We only work with modestly priced homes.


We NEVER give up, we work harder…

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    The Buy Like Rent System

    BUY LIKE RENT Properties, Inc. is your dedicated Real Estate brokerage with over 50 years of experience in selling residential real estate utilizing the BUYLIKERENT system.


    The BUYLIKERENT system works for a number of reasons but the primary reason is our “Experience Speaks A Different Language”.


    That experience is your support system, it allows you to understand the basics of Home Ownership and how easy it is to own a home, simply, it alleviates your fears of buying a home and allowing us, your partner, to do a good job.


    Here are the questions and concerns you will have and our answers:


    1. I can only afford $1000 a month for a home.


    Answer: $1000 a month will buy you a $150,000 home and up to $175,000.


    2. I cannot afford a large down payment like 20%.


    Answer: If you’re a Veteran your down payment is ZERO if you are not, the down payment will not exceed 3%.


    But the answer goes a bit deeper, if you NEED a home then there are only two ways to get a home, you either RENT or BUY. The rental market as you well know is very limited and getting a home you like or fits your needs is extremely difficult and the landlord will always want 1st, last & security. Now unlike the rental market the BUYERS market has many homes, for basically the same payment now you have a choice!


    We work with a lot of governmental agencies that help you get into a home, they assist with the struggle of a down payment, they offer low interest rates and a whole lot more. We are masters at obtaining mortgages and government programs… you are in good hands. We also rebate part of our commissions, in cash, to you, use it anyway you like…


    Your last question is: How do I qualify for the BUYLIKERENT program? The answer is really quite simple, everything and anything you want financed today, whether it is a car or buying some furniture, or even renting a home, is based on two things – Credit & Income. Basically credit and income is the key BUT being experts in obtaining mortgages for families that need help, this is when our experience kicks in, we have helped many families with minor credit problems and I am sure we can help you. You already filled out the form above and now our experienced people are looking for the right home for you.


    Please click on the button below and let us work harder for you.


    • We just bought our first home and can’t thank BUYLIKERENT enough for all their help! We knew very little about what to look for in a home and BUYLIKERENT guided us through every step. BUYLIKERENT made sure we took our time to figure out what we wanted and not rush into something. They always gave honest opinions about every house we looked at and we are so so happy with the house we chose! We would highly recommend BUYLIKERENT. Thank you!!

      Paul Ryan, Vero Beach Monthly: $1200 - $1300
    • We have worked with BUYLIKERENT both buying and selling 3 times over the years and cannot say enough about their dedication, industry savvy and the great team they have supporting them. On top of all that they are really just fantastic people to work with.

      John Smith, Fort Pierce Monthly: $800 - $1000