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  1. Our homes are financed through government programs such as the FHA or VA, little or no down loans.
  2. We rebate up to 3% commission back to the buyer. This rebate program is legal and actually supported by the US Justice Department.
  3. The Federal government under HUD has numerous programs to assist people with the down payment and closing costs.
  4. The State of Florida has additional programs doing the same type of programs.

$15,000 Bucks FREE, hurry running out, FAST!

5. City and County bonds programs.

The actual monthly payments to purchase the home is much cheaper than renting a home and as a buyer you get…

A home that has been renovated based on tough FHA/VA inspectors, cheaper upfront costs and ongoing costs then a rental, a fixed payment for life, tax advantages and a cash bonus at closing…..

and that is why we call it: “BUY LIKE RENT”

  1. Finance $150,000 at today’s interest rate: $750 per month + T&I comes to $1000. Same rental is $1200 to $1500 per month.
  2. Tax advantages
  3. Monthly payment fixed for 30 years, unlike a landlord.
  4. Rebate up to $4500 can be used anyway you like.

Middle income America has taken an awful beating the last ten years and most of them want “Pride of Ownership” and have good credit but little for a down payment, the BUYLIKERENT program allows them to buy now, with very little down and that is why the program works…


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