Buying A House With Your Monthly Rental

Dreaming of your own home but not sure if you’re financially ready? A buy-like-rent house can be your key. Typical house purchases follow after the completed offer and transaction at closing. It’s a complex process which requires mortgage for most buyers without the resources to pay in [...]

Loan Preapproval Advantages

Loan Preapproval is an essential first step for all first-time home buyers. It may seem like an agent’s benefit – which is a common misconception. Truth be told, a loan preapproval’s main purpose is to prove the credibility of the buyer to the seller. But little to most first time buyer’s [...]

What To Know About Contingency Contracts

If you’re planning to purchase a new home, it’s ideal to think of selling your existing home before transacting a new one. Selling your existing property would in turn become your new budget resource for finding a new home. But this isn’t necessarily the best option in all cases. In rare [...]

Online House Buying Guideline

Online House Buying. Believe it or not, us agents know very well how our home buyers react to each situation. Regardless of having a real estate agent or not, online house buying will always be a present option to all buyers. House buyers will even continue to keep tabs on the online house [...]

Florida Property Buyers On The Rise

Florida Property Buyers have been on the rise in 2015 to 2016. Reports shows that buyers have purchased a total of 214,885 residential properties across US last year – and about 22% of these are accounts from Florida. This study came from the 2016 Profile of Home Buying Activity in US [...]

A Crash-course Article on Mortgage

What is a Mortgage and Why Do You Need It? A mortgage is a credit loan with real estate being the collateral. It is known to be a loan agreement, a written document regarding the loan between a borrower (mortgagor) and a lender(mortgagee). If you set it up with the Bank of America, you will [...]