Choosing a listing agent is a crucial decision and should not be taken lightly of.

The perfect match can help you sell faster for the best amount of money. Yet most home sellers prefer to compromise their options for what they think is best.

Two of the most common mistakes home sellers make when choosing a listing agent are:

  1. Choosing based solely on the highest list price for the home
  2. Choosing only the lowest commission

Have you considered one of them?

In light with this, we’ve gathered a few tips on listing agent considerations and how to find the perfect match for you!

5 Tips In Choosing The Right Listing Agent For You

  1. Experience

There’s not much of an explanation needed with this one. A great track record makes everything clear they are qualified to sell your home in your best interest.

An established experience also offers more than purchase assurance: listing agents have networks of connections to know which are legitimate buyers vis-a-vis the ones to avoid. The greater the contact network, the better the sale.

The years of experience opens an opportunity for you to know which features work best in the market. Which, in turn, will be an added knowledge value for you.

  1. Personality

Following a great experience, you’ll want an agent who coordinates well.

A complementing personality is not just a minor standard. You will be working with a listing agent for an estimated 6-12 months. It’s only natural wanting to work with an honest, ethical, reliable, and a compatible agent.

Do not compromise your sale due to personality issues. So it’s best to coordinate your property with someone you can trust.

There’s no need to make friends. Your relationship can be completely on a professional standard but if you cannot have faith in them as they represent you and your interests to the public, it may not be the best match.

This is a difficult factor to review as you cannot truly see one’s personality, so try to trust your intuition if possible.

  1. Ask Clients

If you’re starting fresh and are currently in search for a listing agent, don’t hesitate to find who worked for a neighbor or a friend’s previous selling. Quality agents can work their business through pure referral.

But if you are already in talks with your prospect agent, remember to ask them of their previous clients. Forward into asking the previous clients of their experiences in working with the agent.

  1. Take time

Take your time in finding the perfect agent to help you sell your home. Don’t strain the process by doing in-depth research but at the same time, it’s not something to take all too lightly.

Trust your intuition and extend your investigation simply by online research or asking for a personal guarantee from previous clients.

  1. Go local

“Nothing beats local” – this is also applicable in choosing the right listing agent. A good local real estate agent would know the complexities of the local market, the building department, tax assessor, local real estate legals and customs, etc as these vary from state to state.

Having a local agent means extensive knowledge in knowing the difference between a quick sale and your deal falling apart by being dragged for months. A bonus is a network of other agents willing to serve and help your property.

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Real estate agents aren’t all the same. Each agency – rather each agent – have their own advantages and disadvantages. They have their own marketing and advertising strategies that would most definitely affect your selling property whether it be for the good or bad.

Take precautions in choosing your listing agent. It’s not a matter of life and death, but at the end of the day it is still a matter of your own acquisition.

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